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Icom Interface - VK2NB - 14-08-2019

Hi to the group

Inquiring about using a Icom ic275 and ic475 for satellite use.
I have PC Sat32 as a tracking program and wondering what is the easiest way to interface the pc ( usb ports ) to the icom radios.

I have see the usb ct17 dongles ( for a single radio )  and also read about a  icom interface  that was rs232 to a box with four  3,5mm serial connections to the icom radios that is no longer available new,

So inquiring what other people have done or suggestions.

Thanks in advance

RE: Icom Interface - VK3LU - 14-08-2019

If you mean interfacing between the Icom CI/V port and  a USB port, try one of these.

You will need to download from the Icom website the appropriate driver and install it BEFORE you plug the above device in.
I don't have the link at the moment but will find it and get back. Tablets are not as flexible as a PC  Angry


Edit. Here is the link.
2nd edit...Oops, I don't know if all of the above applies to your Icom model.


RE: Icom Interface - VK2NB - 16-08-2019

Hi Nev

Thanks for that, I will try that interface and search for the drivers.



RE: Icom Interface - VK3LU - 16-08-2019

This is where I got the adaptors.

They are so cheap I got a couple of them.