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Help wanted - VK2BPG - 18-03-2024

I am in need of a calibration service for my Bird 4410 and 4 elements. I just got a quote from Vicom and it is disgusting to say the least. They want 3 times the cost in the US for the 4410 and double for the elements. Plus they put a $390.00 assessment fee onto the quote! At that rate it would pay to send it home!

Are there any amateurs out there who know the procedure and can give me some hints? Or direct me to someone who can help?

RE: Help wanted - VK3RX - 18-03-2024

If it needs to be certified, you could try TMG

They repaired an IFR unit for me and had a discounted rate because I was a private individual and not a company.

RE: Help wanted - VK6ZFG - 22-03-2024

If you turn the element upside down and place it such that the aluminium disk is just immersed in a solvent such as petrol. After a while and the aluminium disk will become loose.

Remove the aluminium disk and you will have access to the calibration pot through as small hole. If you wish you can get access to to insides of the element by undoing the screw the is now exposed. I used wood glue to glue the disk back on afterwards on mine so I could just use water if I ever need to pull it apart again. Not sure if it was such a good idea as I cant now remember the element I did it to!

You will of course need a known power source to calibrate the element against.

Ytube has some info on dismantling the elements but you do not have to drill the aluminium disk as shown on a lease one of them one of them. There is also some info on disassembling the line section but I have not had to do this.

If there is a problem with the electronic circuitry inside the 4410 then this is something else to deal with.

BTW the Bird 43 elements and Bird 4410 differ on two counts. The polarity is between them is reversed and the 4410 type is for a high impedance load not low for as for the type 43. The actual circuit inside the element is very minimal and basic.


RE: Help wanted - VK2BPG - 22-03-2024

Thanks Igor,

I will investigate this and see if that is easy enough to do. I actually think the problem is in the 4410 as it arrived here in a few pieces with the meter screws floating around in the case.