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MAD calendar and John Moyle FD weekend coming up - VK3BA - 06-03-2024

In case you’ve lost it or haven’t seen it, attached is a 2024 MAD calendar, created by Scott VK4CZ.
The next opportunity might be the John Moyle Field Day weekend on the 16th/17th March which is the same weekend of the Train & Hobby show at Sandown that a few stations will be operating/displaying at. Whilst I’ve got a family function that weekend, I should be able to sneak out for a few hours on the Saturday arvo. I’ll hopefully have my **** together on the 439 liaison radio front and some slightly better feedlines for my 2.4 & 5.7 have arrived today from VK5 which should improve things slightly by a poofteenth.
To give everyone, including the Gippslanders, a better chance to get amongst it, what time would most people be likely to head out to start? Say 1pm or 2pm until early evening, in case the DX conditions improve in the early evening? Keeping in mind that it’s a bit of a drive for some people to get to their favourite hilltop location.  I’ve had a quick look at the 14 day WX forecast and that weekend looks fine, thus far. I’m not sure where I’ll go yet, but likely to be Mt Buninyong, especially if the predicted rayline plots to Mt Tassie look good. I’m guessing, for at least us Westies, we’ll have a few out and about, including west of Bacchus Marsh, west of Geelong, south of Ballarat and possibly the Bellarine Peninsula. I’m guessing that a Horsham station might again be operating from One Tree Hill Ararat. Early evening often seems to be the go looking towards VK5.

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